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Neckties materials

Neckties materials commonly used fibers are silk, polyester, wool and cotton nowadays.

Silk neckties

Silk has historically been the number-one fabric used for men's neckties. The "queen of fibers" is the strongest of all natural fibers. Silk advantages are its light weight, its durability, and its wrinkle resistance. Throughout history silk has been used for adding a luxury touch, the finishing touch, in a man's wardrobe. Silk neckties are both versatile in color and excellent in shape retention.

Polyester neckties

Most polyester neckties try to imitate silk neckties. The advantage of polyester neckties is that they are cheap. Unless you bought it with a name brand, it is likely that you bought a poor quality cheap necktie. If you touch it, you can feel the stiffness. You may have no problem when you are standing up but sitting down in a chair may be a challenge. Shape retention is good though. Polyester garments can pose problem that hot in summer and cold in winter although such problem may be minimum to necktie. Wearing a polyester necktie outside office in hot summer, you may still feel uncomfortable. Sometime they use the certain term like, artificial silk, which is not silk, and it can cause confusion. Understand the material of the necktie before you make any purchase.

Wool neckties

There are two types of wool neckties: wool knit and wool woven neckties. For a knit wool necktie, one of the biggest problems is that it can stretch out of shape very quickly. Knitted garments are not as stable or stress-resistant as woven garments; because of the looped nature of the construction, they tend to stretch out rather easily. Buying a wool knit necktie, you should look for a tightly constructed neck band. The neck band itself should have a piece of woven fabric running along the inside of it, to absorb pressure when you tie the necktie.

Woven wool necktie is heavy by nature and requires less construction. It uses the same types of material which you will find in the heaviest winter sport jackets. One of the problems that woven wool necktie becomes bulky, uncomfortable, and unworkable around your neck.

Both wool knit neckties and wool woven neckties must be carefully measured so that they will not be too short when tied. Be sure that they will not be so thick that they cause the shirt to bulge. A simple four-in-hand knot or any simple necktie knots will be good. Both wool knit neckties and wool woven neckties should be generally avoided by heavy men with large necks and round faces.

Cotton neckties

Cotton neckties wrinkle badly. Because of that, the fabric must be heavy enough, on its own, to maintain an independent level of shape retention. The necktie must also be correctly constructed on the inside. One problem common to cotton neckties is an inner facing has not been fastened securely or in conformity with the shell fabric. It ends up the inner facing becomes twisted. The inner facing pulls in one direction and the necktie itself in another. Also, the cotton neckties are usually light in color.

Some uncommon materials neckties

Linen neckties are beautiful but wrinkles incredibly, and the wrinkle are virtually impossible to remove. An acetate necktie is a piece of junk. Rayon neckties can't hold its shape after several wearing.

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