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Suit, shirt and necktie combinations

A lot of rules have been written down. Some rules suggest that it depends on the individual's hair, eye colors and skin complexion. If you have made some observation in surrounding people, you may find those sets of specific rules can be challenged. Some rules suggests that an individual should look into the whole combinations of suits, shirts and neckties which he is going to wear. It will be a lengthy discussion. You will find a lot of don't rules, don't do this and don't do that. Yet, you will find a lot of "except" or " unless" conditions. For example, never wear three solid colors ( suit, shirt and tie). then the "unless" is that you are a good dresser. That means three solid colors wearing is not necessary bad. It depends on what three solid colors were picked, and obviously if the one is a good dresser or not.

Certain rules is worth of mentioning.

1. Your necktie can be darker than your shirt and your shirt can be lighter than your suite. A necktie can also contrast it as well.

2. The more color you wear, the more difficult you coordinate them.

The best rule will be to observe more other people's dressing. Looking at their combinations, you can ask yourself some questions. Do they look great with those combinations? If there is a message you get from that combination, what will it be? You can learn from them.

Necktie is one of the forms of self-expression a man has. If you dress based on what you learn and feel comfortable, and if you hear some negative comments about it, you can tell those guys that you are a good dresser. Remember confidence comes from being able to make the right decision, not having it made for you.

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